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Our clients are everything to us. Because of our experience and education, we have the capacity of a “big firm” practice that enables us to address a wide range of tax issues. Our core values help us retain a “small firm” relationship with our clients.

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    How Can a Tax Attorney Protect My Rights?

    A tax attorney represents taxpayers in disputes with the IRS and USTC. We zealously advocates for our clients to obtain the best outcome possible. We have extensive experience in tax law and tax procedure and are committed to using our knowledge and experience to defend taxpayers that have tax disputes with the IRS and USTC. Moreover, we are committed to practicing law ethically, and our clients mean everything to us. We have the experience, desire and knowledge to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

    The Internal Revenue Service and USTC can aggressively pursue taxpayers. Furthermore, IRS agents have significant power to propose tax assessments and collect unpaid tax liabilities. Taxing authorities have a large team with one goal in mind, which is to put their agency and interests first. However, taxpayers don’t have to take on the IRS or another tax agency by  themselves. A tax attorney can guide you through any tax dispute so you can have peace of mind and focus on the things that matter most to you. If the IRS or the USTC has contacted you, you have options and you have someone in your corner. There are steps you can take to ensure that your rights are protected.

    Utah Tax Attorney Services

    We zealously represent businesses and individuals throughout Utah in all facets of tax disputes, including the following matters: IRS tax audits; Tax Court representation, including docketed appeals and trials; administrative appeals, including CDPs and collection appeals; tax collection matters, including installment agreements and offers in compromise; voluntary disclosures, including streamlined disclosures under the streamlined filing compliance procedures; IRS unfiled returns; IRS innocent spouse relief; IRS claims for refund and amended returns; criminal investigations and criminal tax defense.

    It is important that you obtain a free consultation early in the process of a tax dispute, as formulating the best game plan early is instrumental in obtaining the best resolution to your tax dispute.

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    We have a wealth of experience in tax law and procedure. We utilize all of her experience and knowledge to negotiate with taxing agencies and to formulate the best plan of action for a successful resolution of a tax controversy matter. Contact a tax attorney today for a free consultation.