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USTC Installment Agreement

If you have received a notice of demand for payment from the USTC, that means you have an outstanding tax liability with the USTC. If you cannot pay the full amount of the tax liability, you have options to resolve your tax liability and prevent USTC levies against your bank accounts or wages. If you disregard the USTC notices, the USTC can levy your bank accounts, issue wage garnishments, or seize assets to satisfy the tax liability. You would want to consider hiring a USTC Attorney.

If you cannot pay the full amount, you are entitled to establish a monthly installment agreement. The amount of your installment payment is based your ability to pay that amount. You will need to provide documentation to the USTC to substantiate your ability to pay. The USTC has its own form that it uses to receive financial information from taxpayers who are requesting an USTC installment agreement.

The USTC may end the agreement if you pay late, miss a payment, don’t file and/or pay all required tax returns, or if you do not comply with other terms of the agreement. The USTC will typically send you a letter giving you notice that the payment plan has been defaulted.

Contact a USTC Tax Attorney

If you have a USTC tax liability, there are steps you can take to ensure that you can obtain an affordable monthly payment plan. Contact an USTC tax attorney at Disparte Law today for a free consultation.