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How Can a USTC Attorney Help Me?

The USTC is similar to the IRS in conducting tax audits and taking enforcement action to collect outstanding tax liabilities. The Utah USTC tax attorney at Tax Defense Counsel has a wealth of experience in USTC tax disputes.

USTC Audits

The USTC conducts a variety of audits including basis audits. If you have sold real estate of a business, the USTC may conduct an audit to determine that the basis claimed is substantiated. It is important to keep track of capital expenditures to real estate and capital contributions to a business so you can substantiate your basis. In addition, loss carry forwards will also need to be substantiated even if they arise from a tax return that is several years old.

In addition, the USTC generally will follow and assess tax liabilities based on IRS audits. The USTC is very active in filing substitute returns for taxpayers who have not timely filed a tax return. The USTC will estimated income of a taxpayer from a variety of methods including: average income in a particular field of employment; the amount of mortgage interest paid in a particular year.

At the end of your audit, the USTC will provide you with the results in writing. The USTC auditor will issue one or more of the following, as applicable:

  1. A No Change letter that states we accepted your tax return as filed and you do not owe additional tax.
  2. A Notice of Proposed Assessment that shows the additional tax we believe you owe.
  3. A Notice of Overassessment or a Notice of Proposed Overassessment that shows the refund we owe you.
  4. A Notice of Proposed Adjusted Carryover Amount that shows how we reduced a carryover item which did not result in any additional tax for the tax year we examined.

If you do not agree with the USTC auditor’s proposed adjustments, you may be able to file a protest or appeal. We recommend using a USTC Attorney.

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If you have received a USTC notice pertaining to an audit or tax liability collection matter, a USTC  tax attorney can guide you through the process and zealously advocate on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome. We pride ourselves in protecting the interests of our clients, so they can have peace of mind. Contact a tax attorney today for a free consultation.