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IRS Audits

The IRS wields a significant amount of power to inspect the books and records of taxpayers to determine and assess tax liabilities. The IRS auditor represents the government, and it is their job to propose additional assessments of tax and potentially penalties, including the fraud penalty. No matter how friendly they appear to be, the auditor is neither neutral nor in your corner. That’s why hiring an IRS audit attorney is a great decision.

Types of IRS Audits

Typically an audit begins when a taxpayer receives a notice from the IRS that they have been selected for an audit. There are different types of audits, including: correspondence audits, office audits, and field audits. In a field audit, the auditor will typically send an information document request to the taxpayer. These document request forms can be exhaustive and can request, among other things, the following items:

  1. The general ledger.
  2. Banks statements.
  3. Receipts and invoices to substantiate deductions.

Contact a Utah IRS Audit Attorney

How you respond to and approach the audit can have significant ramifications. If you are dealing with an audit, contact a Utah tax attorney for a free consultation. An experienced tax attorney will fight for you to obtain the best results. We have the experience to successfully guide you through the audit process. If your partnership has received a notice of administrative proceedings pursuant to the IRS centralized partnership audit procedures, contact us today to discuss how to prepare and how to successfully navigate your partnership through the audit process.

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