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We utilize our background, experience, and education to ensure that your rights are being protected. If you are experiencing IRS tax disputes, we can provide our expert analysis. Moreover, we defend our clients to the full extent of the law to prevent unwanted IRS actions and to ensure the best possible resolution. We have the education and experience to formulate and execute the best strategy for your case. A tax attorney will deeply understanding your case to arrive to defense strategy to carry out the defense strategy. Furthermore, the IRS has a full arsenal of actions that it can take to increase your tax liability and assert penalties.

We live and breath IRS practices and procedures so well that we can be a step ahead of the IRS to ensure that your rights are protected. You do not have to take on the IRS by yourself. Moreover, we are steadfast, zealous advocates and will be in your corner in IRS tax disputes. Disparte Law will work hard to protect your business, so you can focus on what is important to you–growing your business. The goal of an IRS agent is to protect the interests of the federal government–not to protect your interests and rights. An IRS tax attorney at Disparte Tax Law has one top priority–to protect and defend our clients to the utmost of the law. Often the IRS takes the position that a taxpayer is guilty until proven innocent. However, our IRS attorneys will fight to protect you and your business. The IRS Internal Revenue Manual outlines the steps that an IRS agent must take, but also outlines the rights of the taxpayer.

There are steps you can take to obtain the best outcome for your IRS tax matter. It is important to obtain guidance early on in your case to avail yourself of all of the steps you can take to obtain the best outcome. If the IRS takes an action that is not justified, you can request an appeal hearing. An appeal hearing is a critical element of defending yourself and your business from overreaching actions by the IRS.

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